Katy Mangan – Storyteller - I have a story I would love to share
About Katy
I tell stories that weave mythic themes through life’s events. The  stories may begin to heal you while they make you laugh, or give you a fresh point of view. You may hear wisdom from characters who have evolved through personal challenges and seek to restore balance in their world. These stories include a little magic, some music and sometimes, the Internet. They are always kind.
The inspiration to tell stories began when I was growing up deep in the post-war English countryside, when life was simple by necessity. Most of my time was spent horseback riding or sailing a small boat. You can imagine, we were often cold and wet. I remember meeting the local gamekeeper when riding with a friend. He’d just been out shooting and handed her two pheasants, which she prepared and ate for dinner. We went to the blacksmith, and conversed with our neighbor who drove a steam engine.
Everybody in my community told stories, and no one wrote them down. My stories live in the oral tradition as well. Now, an entire story might occur to me at once. It can be like a freight train of visual details. Then I’ll learn it for a few weeks when out walking my dog. When it is ready, it will be shared with an audience. After sharing it, I will make some descriptive notes for safekeeping. The story itself lives only when it is told. I really like the live audience.
Listen, and you will enter a parallel world of formal gardens and country woodlands, where mountain streams flow into ports that berth exotic ships. There might be a lake similar to Lake Tahoe, the interior of a home that could be found in one of Shakespeare’s tales, and where magic helps you see the wisdom learned through personal experience.
I have shared stories at Solstice and Beltane celebrations, birthdays that mark long lives, and other important occasions. I am noticing a greater interest; people seem hungry for stories like this.

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